Welcome to Smiletime Digital!

Some of the benefits our Digital Cameras have over the Disposable Film cameras are:

  • There are no processing or developing costs with these cameras like there are with film. Pictures taken on our cameras can be directly downloaded to any computer and accessed instantly. Film processing is becoming harder and harder to find and can cost $10-$12 every time you need a camera developed. Our cameras allow you instant access to you images with no waiting or paying for development.
  • Our cameras last twice as long as the film cameras do. Film cameras have a shelf life of 2 years due to the way film is made. The film inside the camera starts to deteriorate after about a year and quality of images will become an issue. Our Digitals don't have the deterioration issues from heat and age that film does, so our cameras will take the same image today as it will months or years from now. (Battery life varies per model.)
  • Our cameras come with a USB cord either attached to the camera itself or included in package so images can be easily downloaded directly from the camera to any computer instantly.