Smiletime DG 161


Product Description


5.0 MP
View Screen
Up to 200 Images

• Reusable Digital Flash Camera
• Easy-to-Use Camera Instructions
• 2x AAA Lithium Batteries (non-rechargable)
• SD Card
• USB Cable


This Reusable Digital Camera is easy to use and downloads to any computer! A mini-USB cable is included; no software is required. This camera can be used as a low cost option to your expensive camera or mobile device and offers a great overall value when compared to the extra cost of film processing and prints.

Fast and Easy to download your images to any computer (PC/Mac/Photo Kiosk):
1. Connect USB to computer and camera port.
2. Drag and drop images from camera to computer.

Important Information:
• Lithium batteries may last up to 4 years, depending on use.
• Take up to 200 photos without flash; up to 84 photos with flash.  (*With Lithium Batteries.)
• After battery power loss, camera will no longer take images, but existing images will be retained on the SD Card at bottom of camera.
• Use 2x AAA batteries only.